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War begins..
The fleet is assembling for yet another daring assault to a hostile demon infested planet. The space corps are now recruiting, what can you do for your colony? -
Street-fighting up 28%
The popular sport of street fighting is up 28% on colonies LV-21 and 19. The increase in attendance is reportedly linked to the recent rationing -
Corps lose cruiser..
A Corps bulk cruiser with 2000 men onboard is still missing. It was last seen at the corps testing zone for the new RT-XL's, which will be -
Grieves on the rise..
Counseller Grieves has been given command of the upcoming invasion, he is confident of it's success. Although when we questioned him on the massacre of LV-21 -
More riots..
Twelve colonists died in riots yesterday on lv-22. The colonists were killed in clashes with space corps marines who were -
Planet Char targeted...
Planet Char has been named as the latest planet up for colonisation. More than 2000 marines will be taking part in the invasion -
Alcohol up 33%...
Alcohol consumption is up another 33% this week across all sectors. The corps are taking no stance on this issue, as they focus on the upcoming invasion -

If you're new to LOTP...
LOTP is an action shooting adventure game set in space. It's set to work on any PC so you can download it and get playing straight away. We recommend newcomers go

Latest news..

Who are the Corps..
You'll find everything about the corps here. Who'll you'll be fighting with, and what hardware you'll be using -
Know your enemy..
You'll find everything about the demons here. Who'll you'll be up against, know your enemy -
Making of..
Interested in making games,
you can get all the facts and low-down here -
You'll find all the exclusive content for the game right here -
You'll find all the latest information for LOTP in here straight from the developers -
Last of the Patriots is a prototype for future games, that revolve around plot and character and less on action, with an emphasis on deeper underlying meaning. The game has been released as freeware and is now available for download.

"LOTP is a prototype for games with a message, theres lots of extra content on the site so feel at home!"
-            games creator.
The team talks exclusively to yetanotherreviewsite about LOTP. See it
LOTP scores
Submitting a final score? Find out more about yourself and send it in! Want to know more? click
LOTP Sequel now available!
The sequel to Last of the Patriots is now available on PC in English and French formats.
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The Old Man Game Demo out now!
Just to let you know this PC comedy platformer is out now, head on over and give it a go!
Medal Wars BETA!
Retro Army's first title, Medal Wars is now available for download. It's a really fun Action Rpg and I recommend checking it out