The following is a fairly intensive commentary on how the game was made and the decisions that went into making the series, I hope you enjoy it!
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Directors Commentary..
'I didn't really want a credits screen, but because I had translators to consider I thought it best to stick it in, also Fabrice and Francisco were excellent guys to work with, they were always willing to go the extra mile on this one.'
'The title screen here was an interesting choice, it's not often in games you get a down title like this one, I really wanted to set the mood straight away, and have the theme clearly up front, and that's whats happening
here, the title screen is serving the theme. It's based on a cover of a book by James Jones, The thin red mile, The music is courtesy of my own non-existent musical talents, which I'm sure you can hear, the song is based on a Resident Evil tune. I think that again it serves the theme pretty well.'

'Theres actually alot going on here, although you might not think it. Firstly this whole sequence was pretty much a ten minute teaser, that movies use to kinda lure the audience in, the guys are joking around as I wanted them to be likeable characters. Secondly this
whole sequence is a parody of the stereotypical game that uses marines going down invading the alien/demon planet, then mercilessly killing them all. Without even really knowing why, a large part of the game was to highlight how we blindly follow orders without really questioning them, I mean in most games people don't really give a damn why they're killing, or even care, and I wanted to make the audience be more aware of that.'