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We're along way from Kansas..
'This is really where the game takes a complete nose dive down the rabbit hole, any notion the player might of had of mindlessly killing aliens/demons has gone out the window at this point, it's still following the
Blood and guts..
'I really like this scene, I think the depiction of the guys who would have been the players comrades lying in bloody pieces comes as a shock. This is also following the formula of nice/scene bad/scene, which is used throughout the game, the previous light scenes

How to walk...
'This beautifully rendered desert scene (cough), is actually a basic walking training, it's also there to give a sense of isolation, and desperation to the player, as he wanders aimlessly, it's also the last destruction of the player actually thinking this might turn into a probably fun killing game.'
stereotypical pattern, you know the dropship crashes your stranded, theres alot of my own sick humour working here. Knowing the games about to take a U-turn on the players preconceptions.'
were set up to contrast with this one and ultimately give it more impact, of course at the bottom there is JOHNSON SNR, although the player thinks its ZEKE until it's revealed in the second game. This whole scene is also mainly about how the corporation has screwed them, a main theme of the game.'

Finally some demons...
'Finally the demons enter, can I kill them? no. This little scene was here to give the player a sense of horror and to let his mind fill in the blanks, it's the end of the 'Intro', and hopefully at this point the audience, would want to know more about what the
hell was going on. And keep them playing so I could hit them with the 'kill the civilians scene later on'.'