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You can control ZEKE by using the directional keys on your keyboard, whenever the S icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen you can perform an action by pressing the 'S' key on your keyboard. To exit the current game press the 'ESC' key on your keyboard.
"The Controls"
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"Stuck at the punching bag..."
Go to the punching bag and keep press the 'S' key when next to it to hit it. Keep hitting it until the security guard tells you to stop. Now head down where the security guard is to get to the arena.
"Stuck beating CRUSHER..."
You can't beat CRUSHER in a head on fight. Avoid him until he poses for the crowd, when he does this attack him by pressing the 'S' key. When he gets up avoid him again until he poses. Keep at it and you will defeat him!
"Stuck at the SOUTH DOCK ambush"
Avoid the large group of security guards at the beginning by running down to the junction take out the two guys then take the alley to the right, take out the guards you meet until you reach the mesh gate, break down the gate by pressing the 'S' key when next to it.
"Lost after the Shooting Range.."
Exit the shooting range and go past BUDDY, take the corridor up then enter the third doorway.
"Lost after the Demons run away"
After the demons flee head down, past your men. When you see BUDDY talk to him with the 'S' key.
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