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Ambience concept art..
This section shows some ambience art I did for the colonies of LOTP. The purpose of ambience art again is just to set the tone or feel for the environment, and isn't used directly like a blueprint. The picture to the left is from the film 'Blade Runner' which I used as
(Ambience Art..)
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inspiration, we call this reference material, it's a great way to come up with new ideas, I wanted a run-down , depressed feel to the colonies, as they had to show visually the back-story of the environment.

This following was the finished ambience art I did, depicting a riot-zone in one of the colonies, attention to detail is crucial, it's a good idea to think how this city would run in real-life, not just as a 3d model in a game, you can click to see the full-sized image.

All the 3d models and textures where then created using the concept art as a rough starting point. The textures are grey to reflect the lack of life and freedom of the colonists, the over-all ambience is a pretty dark and totalitarian future. The following shows the finished look in-game.