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What is a Level Designer?
A level designers job is to design the environments, and to place objects and enemies within the level, although not always. There are two types of level designer currently within the industry, geometry designers and level scripters.
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A Geometry designer is what you'd think of as a traditional level designer, they get to do cool stuff like design the environments, essentially drawing up blueprints for the artists to then work their magic with!

Whenever a level is too hard or you get lost alot, it's the level designers fault. Maintaining the level difficulty is one of the hardest aspects of level design, and is why focus-testing can be so important. Something that is obvious to the designer might not be so obvious to the player!

A Level scripter is basically a high-level programmer, using a basic coding language they program stuff to happen in the level. Such as in-game Cutscenes, making set-pieces, activating AI when the player enters a room.

Here's examples of level design I did, which are from a series of PS2 games. Click to enlarge ->

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