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Hi, my names Paul Davis. I've turned this page into my personal blog, bare with me here. Which hopefully might provide some insight into life in the gaming trenches, for anyone who's interested!
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News from the frontlines...
- Weird Results of LOTP..
'On the outside the games are just space marines out in space, blowing shit up, nothing that should upset or move people, right?. Well you'd be surprised'
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- Directors Commentaries..
'But more interesting was the response, there are people out there who are actually genuinely interested in how games are made, and getting a look at behind the scenes'
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By request I've added a Making of, detailing the technical side of making LOTP. I'll be adding more soon, concept art, and how a character is created from concept to finished model!
- Making of..
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- Real-Time-Strategy Hell...
'In search of the truth, I set my sights on the RTS genre, to find out just exactly what was lurking beneath it's exterior!'
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