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The purpose of concept art..
Conceptual Art in the industry is a quick and dirty way to get ideas down on paper, and mainly so non-artistic team-members, producer etc. Can give you helpful advice such as 'Could you raise their eyebrows alittle?'. Which you then redraw again with
(Concept Art..)
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the new changes, it's a very important way to set the style, and ambience of the game, I'll be showing examples later of how you go from initial conception to a full model, you could think of concept art as a blueprint.

  There's two types of concept art, one is ambience art, which gives an impression of the feel of the game, the other is blueprint concept art which is used for artists to create models directly from. This all saves time, in that everything can be nailed down quick'n'dirty before any models get made. Also if you want to be a concept artist, expect to see your drawings get thrown around, scribbled on by producers, and generally treated like a document, and definitely not art!
The tools of concept art..

The whole idea of concept art is that it's quick, the main tools are pretty simple and cheap, I use a biro for all the stuff you'll see here, it reminds me not to make mistakes as you can't erase the damn thing!. For the grey shading effect you use a 'magic marker', a grey one
does fine. It's like the little kiddie ones, they're just more expensive. The other tool at your disposal is reference material, in the industry they shamelessly take apart films, books, photos, cities, etc. Which I'll be showing you in the next section!