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The remains of an ancient ship found recently on Lv-21, has been confirmed by experts to be a hoax -
Ancient ship comfirmed hoax..
The recently introduced hydro-glide car models have been slammed as being indentical to older models. -
New transport un-original..
Members of the elite squad have been confirmed missing after their dropship had malfunctions and crashed on a class-B planet -
War-hero still missing..
A universal search is continuing for the suspects who are linked to the murder of Supreme Counselor Drax,  last month -
Manhunt continues..
The latest plan for tag implants has been given the go-ahead for LV-18, the supreme council vetoed the decision earlier following -
Tag implants gets go-ahead..
Today was the Earth memorial Day in commemoration of the natural catastrophe which destroyed the Earth in 196 A.C -
Earth remembrance day..
The last colonists left Lv-18 today following the collapse of the colonies environment which was linked to rising pollution levels -
Lv-18 Evacuation..
'Men in Black' as they have been termed are now in operation across all colonies, they are not a threat and have been linked to the Colony Internal Agency -
MIB sighted..
Rioting has broken out again during the Presidents day celebrations, space marines were on hand throughout the festivities -
Riots on Presidents day..
The Daily Colony is retracting all statements made concerning the allegations made against the corporation last week -
Formal apology..
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