(Demons HQ)
At demons HQ you will find out more about your enemy, know your enemy!
Little is known about this mysterious figure. Except he makes tactics look like childs play. A great deal of trouble for both Johnson and the space corps as they fight for dominance of planet Char.
"The Demon Leader"
The basic demon you'll come up against, their armour is pretty strong even against the KG-60 but don't expect much from their lo-tech weapons.
"Demon Grunt"
The demon leaders right-hand man, stronger than the grunt demons but intel indicates low-intelligence, although corps intel has been wrong before.
"Duke Demon"
She seems to have a soft spot for rescuing Johnson from certain death. The point is can you trust her?
"Girl Demon"
So what else will you encounter? find out
"Planet Char"
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