(Engine basics)
So just how do you make a video-game?, if your interested in how games are made, then this is the page for you!
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How to build a game engine..
The evolution of the engine..
'LOTP was made using OpenGl and coded with the C programming language, OpenGL draws polygons and does all the low-level stuff, unfortunately that's all it does, so everything else has to be coded, code is like a language that a computer can understand, it looks like this->
The picture here is from night-nurse just getting a polygon onscreen can be a major headache when your starting out. The following is from my development diary when I started out, remember I had been working in the industry for eight years before this!
-- So much work, it all seems double dutch and very  daunting right now, although I have done this before I feel apprehensive. Working on creating an opengl        window. --

C Programming..
'Learning C is very much like learning a new spoken language, it has it's own accents and weird local dialects but it becomes second nature, Most errors in programming come from human logic, and mis-spelled words, which are called syntax errors, or 'schoolboy error' as they'd say at Rockstar.
Your first polygon..

Using placeholder graphics is an industry standard, it's basically used to cover your ass, incase something gets dropped or isn't working you won't have wasted days doing graphics that won't be used. It's also easier to add in the real graphics later, as they
can be done seperate to the game, so the coders and artists won't fight as much, like they normally do! Making a game is always a constant struggle between the artists and coders, as the artists push the graphics and the coders try to accomodate, or make their excuses.