Corps hardware, toys for the big boys!
The newly modified TG-51A is an armed fortress on wheels. If it's slow it more than makes up in fire-power. Utilising the latest corps hi-tech armour nothing can penetrate this beast. The best tactic against one of these is to run.
The TX-10 is the work horse of the space corps arsenal. Low-speed with little cover, the marines call it the 'sitting duck'. Not much good on the front-line, the TX-10 is mainly used in cargo and troop transport and can be seen patrolling the streets of many colonies cities.
The RT-60A is a local and deep space transport dropship. This model proved it's worth in the air battles of lv-21, ferrying troops to the planet surface. With no defensive turrets the RT-60A works on a get in and get out philosophy.
The RT-XL is the latest and best space cruiser in the corps fleet. Faster then the old bulk cruisers, this baby also packs three decimator cannons, capable of wiping out entire cities without recharging. With only three in the fleet, it's the perfect christmas present for every counseller.
The standard weapon for every self-respecting marine. The KG-60 fires 100 rounds a second, and is capable of melting even the best of armour. Coupled with unlimited ammunition makes it the best pulse rifle in the galaxy.
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