Sometimes I wonder why we're here, in this beautiful world. The local people are friendly and welcome us, I often think would they feel the same if they knew our true intentions. Smith is upbeat as usual one of the local girls has taken a fancy to him, which he brags about to no-end. What can the corps add to this place? it's a paradise after being stationed on lv-19 for so long.
"Oct 1, 2145, Deadlocked"
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Major Deckard has ordered the column to advance. We're loyal to him but he's out for himself. The men are rumouring of rebelling but I keep them in line. Things wouldn't be so bad but supplies are running low, and the men are sick of K-rations, who wouldn't be. I only hope my worst fears aren't true.
"Oct 17, 2145, Advancement"
I'm not a drinking man, but after today...we lost alot of men today after a rebel ambush. Deckard was no-where to be found so I was forced to take command. If it wasn't for Smith I wouldn't be here to write this. It was worse for them though, they might have the numbers but with the KG-60's on our side it was nothing short of a massacre, they died in defense of their country, could we say the same?
"Oct 23, 2145, Dis-illusioned"
This will be the last entry in this journal. Deckard is planning a night-attack, which I am to lead. I'm glad Smith is coming also as Deckard will be of no use. If intel is right...I don't know what to do. I can only seek trust in god. We move out.
"Oct 23, 2145, Last entry"
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