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Basics of scripting levels..
Level scripting is usually done in an external editor using the Basic Language. The following is taken from LOTP'S ingame scripting, which shows some of the features of Level Scripting.
(Level Scripting)

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The following picture shows a 'Trigger'. Triggers are the main tool in scripting, when the player hits a trigger, a piece of script gets called telling the game what to do!. In this case the Trigger activates some Text and then orders the troop sprites to move
forward. Triggers are used to activate Cutscenes, Change levels, Activate A.I, Open/close doors and alot more.

Points are placed in the game using the mouse, you won't see these unless your using debug mode. 'Debug Mode' is an editor for creating points, and the actual level itself. Points are called by the script to do various things, for example a Trigger activates
the A.I and tells them to move to these Points, also whenever the camera pans in a cutscene it is following a point path.

Assigning scripts to objects allows various sprites to behave in certain ways. The door object in the shot to the right is set-up with a 'Door script' in the editor. Essentailly scripts can be added to any sprite, or new scripts can be added.