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Storyboarding a level..
Level storyboarding is a new concept in Level Design, borrowing from the movie industry, it's a relatively new concept. Storyboarding Levels is more suited for heavily scripted games. Games with lot's of events and set-pieces.
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The following pictures are from 'Manhunt' which I did on my own time as I was working on the 'Derelict' Level. I used these as a way to get into the Characters head to get a sense of the atmosphere and action of the level.

The concept of storyboarding a level, is to nail-down the requirements for set-pieces which can be of great help to the producer, in visually seeing what it will look like and what the amount of code/art required will be.

It also doubles as concept art in demonstrating the look and feel as well as action that will take place. The storyboard can also be used like a conventional Movie storyboard in showing cutscenes and dialog and how it all integrates into the level.

You can click on the below to see the full-sized storyboards for the 'Derelict Level'.