(Moral dilemma.)
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Moral dilemma in making games..
'At somepoint in making games your conscience gets the better of you, my original intention was to make a porn game just to make money, which I still think is a good way to get rich if anyone's listening! The whole engine at this point was built around
scenes like in a movie, which if you've played LOTP, you can actually see that the games foundation evolved from this structure, minus the naked girls of course.'
'This is a shot of the in-game editor, you can create new graphics and move them around with the mouse to place them! it's a great system as it saves alot of time. The LOTP in-game editor literally evolved from this, to create a level you just use the mouse'
Making levels in the game..

We're going hellbound..
'In the weird world of game development this is what happens, whilst creating the walk around the hospital section for night-nurse hellbound was born, it was also a huge evolution to the engine as I had to implement player movement, camera code, that son-of-a-bitch
collision detection, exploding barrels, and of course some doom placeholder graphics as you can see in the picture. I also began work on an in-game scripting capability, scripting is how you make a switch open a door, or when you hit an area, called a trigger, you get a cutscene, all the ingame scripting is done using flags, on or off basically'

'Points are your best friend, all the camera movements, and guys walking around are using them. A point is simply an X/Y value that you create in the editor, when you link a bunch of them together you can create paths, which you can then use for cameras, cars, characters, etc.
Whenever a character moves in a game they are following a series of points!'