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We've just uploaded the full LOTP game script for any one who's interested. BETA version is currently down for updates, but should be up shortly. You can add the RSS feed and we'll let you know when it's up again!
"Oct 1, 2007, LOTP - Script added"
Today has seen the launch of last-of-the-patriots, as BETA version is reaching completion. You can expect to see lots more content over the coming weeks, so sign up for the RSS feed. And stay connected for all things LOTP. Thanks for visiting.
"Sept 26, 2007, LOTP - Website Launched"
The full version of LOTP is now available for download. We appologise for the delay, we really hope you enjoy the game as much as we have making it.
"Oct 12, 2007, LOTP - Game uploaded"
v1.3.3 is now available. This version has some additional scenes and artwork.
"Dec 07, 2007, LOTP - 1.3.3 Uploaded"
v1.3.4 is now available! This version uses a new experimental morality scoring system. The teams  rank was Despair, and our score was 6600.
"Dec 10, 2007, LOTP - 1.3.4 Uploaded"
The french v1.3.5 is now available! This special version was made with Fabrice Brunon, we hope you enjoy it!
"Jan 1, 2008, LOTP French - 1.3.5"
Alot of polishing, and some new graphics!
"Jan 6, 2008, LOTP - 1.3.6 Uploaded"
"Jan 11, 2008, LOTP Walkthrough"
The full walkthrough for LOTP written by creator Paul Davis. Get it
"Jan 13, 2008, LOTP - 1.4.0 Uploaded"
The latest version ( Blood Edition ) is now available.Added gore and some new sound effects!
"Mar 28, 2008, LOTP II Now Available"
The sequel to Last of the Patriots is now available on PC, in english and french formats.
"Feb 14, 2012, Medal Wars BETA"
Medal Wars BETA is now available for testing. It's a really fun Action-Rpg set in World War 1. You can get it