(Planet Char)
A hostile, demon-infested planet. Planet char is the next target on corps expansion plans. What will they find there? get the answers here.
Planet chars smallest population is a highly intelligent race of homo-demonicus, similar to humans. Large derelict cities cover the planets surface most likely destroyed by a global war between the races.
"Demon civilians"
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These clerics have powers in advance to the corps own. Utilising some sort of Alpha-waves they can heal other-wise fatal wounds.
"Demon cleric"
The planets largest population is a hostile beast known as the B'Kor, this race feeds off eachother as there is little else food available. They are known to grow to gigantic sizes. The corps expects little resistance from these otherwise stupid animals.
"Demon B'Kor"
A small animal known as a hellhound. Similar to our canine breeds it is known to be fiercly loyal even to the death. Used as pets on char.
"Demon Hound"
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