(Sarges Tips)
Sarges tips, if your here, you must be in trouble. Here's my top ten tips straight from the field. Follow them and you'll be just fine.
Unless the locals happen to be hungry aliens, take the time to ask around, even tough guys like me get lost occassionally.
"If you get lost, ask a local"
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Some of this stuff is more lethal than the enemy, if in doubt back out, or if your really desperate try the corps K-rations.
"Never eat the local cuisine"
If they say the planets uninhabitated, they lied. Or if they say it's gonna be easy, bring an extra body bag.
"Never trust corps intel"
We prefer to call this a tactical retreat in the corps.
"If you see a giant demon, run!"
This guy might be tough, but he's a wimp for the crowd. When he starts posing let him have it.
"If your fighting crusher"
He served under me back in 2145, and he hasn't improved with age.
"Never trust major Deckard"
I know it's fun to shoot at them. But if you lose too many you'll have to fight the battle over again. So don't do it.
"Protect your comrades"
Preferable a girl's name and sleep with it to. It's the only girl you'll be getting in this war.
"Name your rifle"
At some point you may be ordered upon to shoot civilians. I've killed counsellers over this but the choice is yours.
"Shooting civilians"
Is NOT a good dropship, if your passing planet char please come pick us up.
"The RT-60A"
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