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"War begins.."
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Fight to the death in the popular street-fights, what will you decide?
Explore the streets of colony LV-22. Vast cities which cover entire planets.
"Explore LV-22"
Sometimes you can't outrun the past. Will you choose to face it?
"Facing the past.."
Should you trust your commander?
Just whose side is he really on?
"Counsellers rule"
Face your fears in the flashback sequences..Can you conqueor the past?
Following orders isn't easy. What will you choose to do? Will you serve the corps to the bitter end?
"To the death.."
Follow Sarge, as he leads his elite squad on their final mission, Planet Char.
"Enter Sarge.."
Can you save your men, or will you let them die on the fiery planet.
"Perils of war.."
Prepare to enter the world of LOTP. What will you decide? Redemption or Damnation? Only you have the answers...