(The Sequel.)
Last of the patriots is out now and can be downloaded

LOTP2 sees ZEKE JOHNSON a prisoner behind enemy lines on Planet Char. Meanwhile ZEKE'S old comrade BUDDY sets out to rescue him.

Finally discover the truth behind the planet, and what happened to sarge twenty years ago...
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Play as Zeke and Buddy as they uncover the secrets of the corporation.
"Enter Smith.."
How will Zeke handle life behind enemy lines? Will the demons choose to kill him or save him?
"Behind enemy lines.."
Zeke loses his will to fight. Can he be saved? or is it too late.
"Will to fight.."
Buddy sets out to rescue Zeke from the fiery hell of planet Char.
"Enter Buddy.."
The demons confront Zeke over his past. Will he fight on? or be lost.
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