So what's life like living on the colonies?
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The workers are the staple of the space colonists. All colonists are recognisable by their distinctive green jackets which must be worn at all times. The colonies are mainly mining colonies providing ore for the corporation.
"Worker colonist"
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The majority of colonies are populated by male workers. Females are brought in to provide recreation for the workers.
"Female colonists"
Most colonists drink in large amounts when off duty. The corporation tolerates this as it helps morale and prevents rioting.
"Colonists and drinking"
Fight promoters organize the popular streetfights. The fighters are paid large sums to fight to the death for the colonists entertainment.
"Fight promoters"
Some colonists earn extra money by entering the streetfights. The chances of survival are low but the rewards can be up to three months salary.
These men in black maintain the peace at public events such as streetfights. Rumour is they secretly work for the corporation but is it true?
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