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The space corps are comprised of only the best in the galaxy. Sworn to protect and serve the colonies the space marines are battle-hardened and ready to follow out any order to the death.
Johnson is a well known hero of the corps for his actions at lv-21, and lv-22. Not knowing his father Johnson joined the corps at 16 eventually earning the rank of captain. He quit after the attack on lv-24 taking up street-fighting instead. The shadow of a once-great hero he spends most of his time drinking now.
"Captain Z.Johnson"
Here's a list of some of the characters you'll meet.
Deckard is a high-ranking major of the corps. Always ready to follow orders, Deckard will stop at nothing to advance his career. A man with little morals Deckard and Johnson could hardly be called the best of friends after falling out on lv-24. You can always count on Deckard to be the last on the field and the first off it.
"Major T.Deckard"
Smith is Johnsons long-time war buddy having somehow survived lv-22 together they have become like brothers. Smith is always there to drag Johnson into another dangerous adventure. Where theres trouble you can count on Smith to be in the middle of it.
"Sargeant J.Smith"
Counseller Grieves is just one of the counsellers involved with heading the corps. An intelligent man who always gets the job done, no matter what the cost. Just whose side he's working for remains to be seen.
"Counseller P.Grieves"
Sargeant Baxter is relatively new to the corps, having never fought in the colony wars. He's willing to go to any ends to prove himself especially to Johnson, the famous war hero. Having signed up for the next invasion, he's going to get his chance.
"Sargeant H.Baxter"
The space corp marines are the most feared in the galaxy. Armed with a KG-60 pulse rifles, and willing to carry out any order the space marine is a lethal weapon in any hands, good or bad.
"Space Marine"
Little is known about Sarge except for his famous reputation and the elite corps group he commanded. After the mysterious death of one of the supreme counsellers, Sarge and his group were demoted to scouting new planets to invade. All members were reported dead after their ship crashed on planet Char.
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