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Tag implants get green light..
The latest plan for tag implants has been given the go-ahead for LV-17, the supreme council vetoed the decision earlier following the recent rioting which has plagued the colony for years. LV-17 will be the test-bed for the project and if successful will be
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applied to all first-class colonists. The implants themselves are placed at the base of the neck, which can then be tracked by the Colonial Internal Agency. The move comes as one of the new protection measures the corporation is taking to fight rising anti-social behaviour for the safety of it's colonists. Vice-Counselor S.Jackson issued the following statement

'The devices are small and un-obtrusive, we've been forced to take this measure in order to protect the colonists and to bring down known offenders, with these devices we can track the movements of every man, woman and child day and night, for their own protection'

More rioting over the proposed plan has broken out in Lv-17, although local space marine divisions quickly maintained the peace.