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After Sarge has debriefed the men, talk to the rest of the elite squad by pressing the 'S' key on your keyboard when the icon is displayed. Near the bottom of the dropship is JOHNSON, talk to him and the Pilots will ask for you, now head up to the top and into the cockpit.

After talking to the pilots, the drophsip crashes on the planet surface. When you appear beside the dead pilots head back to where you debriefed the men.

Head down to the bottom and talk to the dieing marine JOHNSON. After talking to him you can now open the hatch door by standing next to it and pressing the 'S' key on your keyboard.

After exiting the dropship keep going to the right through the group of bushes and keep walking.

Now Sarge will collapse from his wounds only to be surrounded by the planets inhabitants.
SCENE-01 - "Death of the Elite.."
After the PROMOTER JACK leaves the room. Head to the table at the bottom and save you game by pressing the 'S' key when standing infront of it. Now head up into the gym.

You can talk to the other fighters here but head to the right and go down to the security guard blocking the door, he will tell you to punch the bag to sober up so head up to the punching bag. Beat the bag by pressing the 'S' key and keep hitting it until the security guard tells you to stop. Now head back down to the guard and into the arena area.

Keep going right and follow the route to the arena, approach the guard and the door will open, now enter the ring.

Once the fight has begun, avoid CRUSHER and don't go near him, when he stops to pose for the crowd attack him by pressing the 'S' key. When he gets up avoid him again until he poses, keep at it until he goes down.

You can now choose whether to kill CRUSHER or save him. The choice is yours.

(Kill him) - option, you will now have to beat CRUSHER to death. After doing so leave the ring and follow the route back to the gym.

(Save him) - option, Leave the ring and follow the route back to the gym.

After entering the gym again, head up and then to the left, now go down back to the locker room you first started in.

Once in the Locker room, go to the locker at the bottom right to get your colony uniform, press the 'S' key when next to it.

Now save your game at the table and head up back to the gym. now go to the right to the door, after it opens go through it out to the streets.
SCENE-02 - "Risky  business"
Welcome to the FAQ for Last of the patriots! We hope you find what your looking for.
"The Controls"
You can control ZEKE by using the directional keys on your keyboard, whenever the S icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen you can perform an action by pressing the 'S' key on your keyboard. To exit the current game press the 'ESC' key on your keyboard.