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After the mysterious man appears, head up and talk to him. It's your old war comrade BUDDY. After BUDDY offers the job, head up and follow him. When you reach the end of the alley keep walking up to the streets.

After BUDDY leaves, cross the street and follow the road to the right, you will eventually come across an alleyway, go through it to the next street.

On this street go past the colonist reading the newspaper cross the street and keep heading left. You will pass two alleyways, go down the second alleyway.

In this area keep heading up until you reach PROMOTER JACK and his security.

As your outnumbered the best stradegy is to try and outrun the large group of guards at the start. Head down to the crossroads and take the right alleyway, beat up the guards you come across, follow the alleyway up to the mesh gate, you can break down the gate by pressing the 'S' key when standing next to it.

After the TX-10 takes you to corps command. Follow BUDDY to the gate, approach the gate and it will open, now follow BUDDY to the doorway, go through the doorway into the command area.

Follow BUDDY past the two guards until you reach MAJOR DECKARD. After DECKARD'S speech follow him into the observation area.

Follow DECKARD until you reach the room with the COUNSELLER, talk to him by pressing the 'S' key. After his speech you'll be taken to the RT-XL.
SCENE-03 - "Lost again..."
SCENE-04 - "Hellbound.."
After BUDDY debriefs you head down and out of the room, the doorway is at the bottom.

Now head to the left past the guard, and down to the junction, now go right to the Armoury doorway and go through it. (Note) - If you go to the left you can talk to the troops.

Once in the Armoury keep going left until you see a doorway, go through it into the shooting range.

You can shoot the targets by pressing the 'S' key, shoot upwards to hit the targets which come towards you. When the timer runs out you'll be returned to the Armoury. From here head down back the way you came to the corridors.

Go past BUDDY and up, at the top corridor keep going right until you reach the third room, the door will open and you can enter.

Go to the table at the top and save your game, then use the bed by pressing the 'S' key when standing next to it.

After the standoff with DECKARD, the FLASHBACK sequence of the LV-24 massacre will begin.

Go past the waiting marines and talk to DECKARD by pressing the 'S' key. After he orders the troops to attack follow them into the village.

When at the village head up and to the right past the two aiming marines. Two civilians will walk out, you can choose whether to kill them or not. Follow the path up and right more civilians will try to run away, decide if you want to follow orders or not. Keep following the path up and right and you will be brought back to the present.

After DECKARD leaves the room, save your game at the table, now head down and into the corridors.

When in the corridors head right until you reach a doorway, go through it to the hangar bay.

Go past BUDDY and keep heading up past all the troops when at the top, go to the empty stand, and press the 'S' key when next to it.

Now the invasion will begin...