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After the dropships land, keep going to the right until you see BUDDY. Now go down and you will find DECKARD. Talk to him with the 'S' key.

When the men are marching follow them up. After DECKARD runs away the fight will begin.

Here you have to fight off the oncoming demons whilst trying to protect your men. Keep close to BUDDY and shoot the demons that attack.

After your surrounded and decide to attack. Keep going up and kill any demons that attack you, try to keep close to your men or you will get surrounded.

After the demons flee, go down past your men and you will find BUDDY wounded. Talk to him with the 'S' key after his warning you will go to the med evac.

Follow the troops into the derelict city, keep going to the right where the men stop you can go down to a save point, or continue going up to where the wounded man is, go right next to the wounded man and follow the route up to the marine graveyard, when in the graveyard keep going up until you reach MAJOR DECKARD. Talk to him with the 'S' key.
SCENE-05 - "Day of the Deckard"
SCENE-05 - "Last orders..."
Follow your men into the derelict city, when they stop at the junction go right until you meet DECKARD. Head up to the broken doorway and kick it down with the 'S' key. Go into the buildings.

When in the buildings go left and head up until you reach the civilians.

Now DECKARD will arrive and order you to kill them.