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What can you do for your colony?
The Supreme Council announced earlier last month the go-ahead for expansion plans for colony Lv-25. The planet up for acquisition, a class B planet, has been described as a fiery hell. Counselor Maddox has responded with the following ->
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'It's our duty and honor to bring peace to this demon infested world, for the glory of our beloved corporation, we have every faith that the colonists will answer the call'.
Even though Space marine recruitment has been declining since the Lv-21 debacle, the supreme council is ever faithful in the colonies. Vice-Counselor S.Jackson had the following to say,

'We know there is a problem with population levels on the colonies and we are taking every step to remedy this situation, one of those steps is the friendly aquisition of class-B planets, we look forward to forging a peace with the denizens of Planet Char, and the forging of a new and better colony'.

No colonists have stepped forward to offer an opinion.
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