Here you'll find all the facts about last of the patriots.
Yes, believe it or not LOTP was originally an adult game titled night-nurse, The team decided they wanted to create something of more use to the world so LOTP was born. You can still see a screenshot
"LOTP started life as an adult game"
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The retro graphics of LOTP are intentional. We wanted to make a statement about the industry as a whole.
"Use of Retro graphics"
Hellbound was the games original title. Although this was changed later for marketing reasons.
"Hellbound original title"
Most games are designed on a game-design document. LOTP was designed on a movie-script format which you can view
"Based on a movie script"
Everything in LOTP was designed to be simple and easy to use on any PC. The game only uses one button and works on any PC from the last ten years.
"Simple approach"
There was also a planned prequel version following Sarge and his crack team and how they uncover a plot within the supreme council.
LOTP is one of the first games to revolve entirely around the deeper meaning and message of the game. What do you think it's all about?
The code for LOTP was written and fully completed bug-free before any graphics or levels were added.
"New development Process"
There is no inventory or any pick-ups in LOTP. There are also no conventional key/door systems which are typical in most games.
"No inventory.."
LOTP is most popular in Europe. With most downloads from Sweden and France.
"Popular in Europe"
LOTP is episodic content. Small episodes that are easy to pick up and play, revolving on story.
"Episodic content"
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