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The following is my synopsis of the LOTP games which I thought was interesting enough to post here.
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The results of the prototypes..
Early stages...
  On the outside the games are just space marines out in space, blowing shit up, nothing that should upset or move people, right?. Well you'd be surprised.

  I was anyway, LOTP when viewed as a game, is a standard, awful looking shoot-em up. But you could call this a counterfuege, what if it were possible to influence people, to expand their awareness, to challenge their beliefs, with a game?
  The first strange anomaly in the results is that virtually all the downloads were coming from France and China. Which could just be down to coincidence, maybe only French and Chinese websites promoted it?, but that wasn't the case, many other websites featured the press releases also.

   The second anomaly was that the American and British websites that did review the game, went out of their way to denounce it. A British political activist, on wikipedia wrote a satirical review about it, which wikipedia has recently removed ( Not at my request ). Furtherly a writer on a popular US indie games review site, went out of his way to write up a full article on how I personally was mad, and that the game shouldn't be taken seriously. Of course people are entitled to their opinions, but what was really going on here? Why did the Americans and British hate the game? and the French and Chinese like it?

   The main reasoning here is that a game set in the future in space, that has nothing to do with any country, (or even earth for that matter) shouldn't be affecting certain nations?
  The current countries at war, US and England disliked the game instinctively, something was jarring with them. Whereas coincidentally the Chinese and French, Anti-war, enjoyed the game.

  In summary it is possible for games to be used as political devices, certain militaries are already doing this. And it is possible for games to influence people on deeper levels, using themes, and situational devices.

  This in itself, to me, could become a whole new direction  for games, games that could be used as propaganda, but also games that could be used to make this world we live in a better place, I can only wish that LOTP in whatever miniscule way contributed to the latter.

  Yours humbly,

Paul Davis
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